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How it works

What Do You Get When You Use Sponsumo?

Here’s how Sponsumo Releases the Hidden Profits Trapped Inside Your Conference

Sponsor Dashboard
A sponsorship dashboard

The sponsorship dashboard is a highly customizable web portal for sharing information and files to and from your sponsor, all in one place.

You will know exactly what has and hasn't been done or received, so you can keep your sponsors happy!

The Sponsumo Sponsorship Management Dashboard Sponsorship dashboard screenshot
Attendee Networking
An attendee networking dashboard

Conference attendees receive an intuitive way to network with other attendees before the event.

Now your attendees have a reason to purchase tickets earlier and a way to get tons of value from the event.

The Attendee Dashboard is a great way to connect! Attendee networking dashboard screenshot
Agenda Creator
An agenda creator tool

Easily configure your entire agenda, link speakers & sponsors to sessions, create multiple tracks, even autmotically update times when a session is changed.

You can edit your agenda in a fraction of a time without the headache!

The Agenda Creator/Manager Tool Agenda creator tool screenshot
Speaker Automation
An speaker management tool

From submission to selection to logistics, we automate the work out of speaker management so you can focus on content, not endless emails right before the show.

The Speaker Manager Tool Speaker Management Tool Screenshot

Sponsumo doubles or triples the productivity of your entire team

So you can focus on selling more sponsorships, attendance, repeat business and creating an amazing conference.

Who Benefits

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  • Portrait April

The Attendee Dashboard is a great way to connect!

Attendee Dashboard screenshot
  • Attendees get to send messages, network with others, see the agenda and more
  • Sponsorship Sales have additional revenue opportunities
  • Marketing can promote the dashboard experience
  • Operations have an easy to update area for attendee related information

The Agenda Creator/Manager Tool

Agenda Creator/Manager Tool screenshot
  • Marketing can quickly play with agenda ideas and easily associate speakers/sponsors
  • Operations can easily stay up to date with the latest marketing moves
  • Attendees can access the updated agenda on their dashboard

The First Conference CRM

Conference CRM screenshot
  • Marketing can find all the information they need easily and in one place
  • Sponsorship Sales can track their relationships over time
  • Operations can consolidate all their information into one place

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